Posted on: May 27, 2013

F1 Grand Prix: Mallya and Subroto's Force India drivers triumphed in top ten

By Antara Das

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F1 Grand Prix: Mallya and Subroto's Force India drivers triumphed in top ten

Move over Indian Premier League. It was an action-packed day at the third most famous destination for gambling - Monaco. The other two destinations are IPL and Las Vegas. If not anyone, the results at F1 Grand Prix showered delight to the two gentlemen whose teams failed to march into the final of the controversial cash-rich championship cricket league. They are Mallya and Subroto's Force India. 

Their incredible performance ushered both the cars in the top ten, keeping their hopes alive for finishing in the top five of the 2013 F1 episode of the sport. Adrian Sutil gambled within reason. He coupled with some magnificent driving and pulled off some wonderful moves on Alonso and Button to capture two crucial positions. On the other hand, Di Resta occupied the 9th place. It was anticipated that Di Resta could have occupied a higher position but some reckless strategies in the initial stages hindered him from achieving it. 

McLaren stated that Force India should congratulate itself for putting it past the likes of Ferrari and the squad that supplied the fire to Force India-the drive train in which they worked very hard.

It has been observed that the Indian F1 team's performance this season has been admirable as their finishing in the points was due to merit and not because the other teams faulted. The team management was clever enough to bring back the talented Sutil this season, who had to be held back for some off the track excursions.

It is noteworthy that Niko-the extraordinary son of the legendary F1 pilot Keke Rosberg, won his Monaco F1 event with style. Victory at the famous street circuit in Monaco is considered as a dream of any racing driver which Niko has cherished. Sutil was outstanding in rare overtaking which he had timed to perfection.

Rosberg's victory from losing the block first and never being threatened later confirms this aspect of the circuit. The second method of gaining track position is by clever pit stop strategies — one stop less would give fabulous results. It cannot be ignored that basic car design is crucial in wear and tear pattern of tyres comes into play in big time. It will not be correct to proceed with Kimi Raikkonen's chance as champ as his car matches this issue.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton resorted to flatter to deceive and could not capitalize on his best starting position. To be precise, any daring move in Monaco can result in version of the iconic track by Floyd. It is considered as just another brick in the wall.

To be on the safer side, precision driving is the only way to drive around this unforgiving circuit. Or else, face the music as many drivers did today!

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