Posted on: August 24, 2013

IBL: Anup Sridhar propelled Pune Pistons to victory by crushing Hu Yun of Banga Beats

By Antara Das

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IBL: Anup Sridhar propelled Pune Pistons to victory by crushing Hu Yun of Banga Beats

In a series of incidents, Nguyen Tien Minh was dropped out from the Pune Pistons and Anup Sridhar was introduced in their first men’s singles clash against Hu Yun of Banga Beats. 

Amazingly, world No. 129 Sridhar commenced his IBL campaign with a fantastic 21-12 21-18 win over world No. 8 Yun of Hong Kong to strengthen the basics for the hosts. Finally he took an unbeatable 3-0 lead over the team from Bangalore in Balewadi on Friday.

To the surprise of everyone, Pune Pistons got this prize catch for only $6,000 (base price $5,000) and they effectively used this element against Banga Beats. In fact, Sridhar was encountering this high-ranked rival after a gap of two years. Although Yun started well with a 4-1 lead, Sridhar entered and entirely dominated the game with violent smashes and confident game near the net. With a support of 14-7 at the second break, he didn’t allow the Chinese to return into the game and won by 21-12.

Actually, the second game witnessed an intense battle and Yun got just the meager 7-6 lead at the first break. Particularly, the player proceeded toughly with Yun enjoying the lead most of the time. Apparently, Yun was getting into a comfort zone and took the match into decider. Anyway, Sridhar predicted the danger and with some relentless smashes marched into the victory.

Subsequently, Juliane Schenk of Pune Pistons doubled the lead with a 21-20 21-10 win over Spanish Carolina Marin of Banga Beats in the women’s singles. 

On the other side, Pune Pistons clinched the tie in the third match of the evening along with the bonus point, when Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Kiong Tan Wee hammered Carsten Mogensen and Akshay Dewalkar by 21-18 21-18 in a span of over half-an-hour.

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