Posted on: April 5, 2013

Will the appointment of Williams commence Women’s Formula One?

By Antara Das

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Will the appointment of Williams commence Women’s Formula One?

Claire Williams considers that her appointment as deputy team principal of Williams ensured that Formula One is no longer the traditional enclave it was once.

Williams accepted her latest role at father Frank's marque last week. She has succeeded Monisha Kaltenborn, who is the existing team principal at Sauber. Williams declared that Formula One may be recognized as being male-dominated, but those perceptions are being shattered now on Wednesday. She added that Sauber had a female team principal, and now she has been put in this position. She thinks that those traditional pre-conceptions of Formula One are crumbling down a bit more.

Williams dismissed the suggestions that she owed her appointment to nepotism when she was working as a press officer with the team 10 years ago. She assured that they will have to wait and see how she does in the role, but would like to think that she will do a good job for the team. Her unique selling point is that they are famous as a family team, so it is essential that they retain that family element. So deputing her in this crucial role she thinks is a good thing for the team and for the sport.

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