Posted on: March 28, 2013

Is Massa confident of becoming a world champion?

By M Jyothi

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Is Massa confident of becoming a world champion?

Formula 1 driver of Ferrari Felipe Massa marked himself as a competitor for this year’s drivers’ world championship following a good start to the season.

Presently, the Brazilian driver occupies the fifth position in the drivers’ standings with 22 points ahead of teammate Fernando Alonso. The later is on 18 points. Massa has already ousted his double world champion teammate for the last four consecutive Grands Prix. He has qualified for fourth and second in Australia and Malaysia respectively.

Massa revealed that he thinks that he is confident. They have to be very confident and he is very confident too. They have to keep their feet on the ground. He also knows that there is a lot of work to be done from last year to this year in the car. He has to do a lot to make this car better and better. He intends to make the evolution right on this car making this car more competitive. He thinks that if they carry on in this direction, the likelihood of winning races and to fight for the championship is there. 

From his past record and confidence, it is evident that Massa can be a tough competitor for this year’s drivers’ world championship. We are eager to watch him performing in the event.                                                                         

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