Internship Program

GooglyMania hereby invites applications for the ‘Work from Home Sports Journalism’ Internship Program. Applicants must already be registered on GooglyMania.

What is the GooglyMania Internship Program?

GooglyMania offers two kinds of internships:

1. Writing internship:

GooglyMania’s Sports Writing Internship is a comprehensive programme designed to help amateur sports writers, budding sports columnists and message board junkies hone their writing skills and learn the art of sports writing from the best in the business. It provides budding writers an opportunity to have their work published alongside that of reputed journalists and seasoned writers, and gives them a platform to reach out to a wide audience which includes eminent personalities from the sports fraternity.

How does the Writing Program Work?

  • Each intern will be managed by a designated editor who will review the intern’s work, provide regular feedback and hand out periodic assignments.
  • GooglyMania’s interns will undergo training for 2 months during which they will have to write a minimum of 12 articles.
  • The program is carefully divided into two phases:
  • Phase #1: In this phase, the interns are free to explore topics of their own, thus expressing themselves and proving their worth while working within their comfort zone.
  • Phase #2: In this phase (which is broken up into two further sub-phases), various projects will be assigned by the designated editor, including feature articles or “on-call” duty to report breaking news, thus testing the interns’ ability to excel outside their comfort zones and deliver quality articles on time.
  • Phase #3: In this phase, the intern’s development through the program will be tested, by evaluating the ‘signature articles’ that the intern comes up with.
  • The interns will be given regular feedback on their strengths and weaknesses by the designated editors who will monitor them closely.
  • At the half-way point of the programme, expert advice will be provided to the interns by the Chief Editor of GooglyMania, thus giving them an idea of where they stand with respect to industry standards. This Chief Editor will also provide his advice at the end of the program, so that the interns recognize the amount of progress made by them during the internship period.

What can interns write about?

GooglyMania prides itself on the creative freedom it allows its writers. Interns can write on a number of different sports, contributing in-depth analyses, feature articles, match previews and reviews, comics, satires and news reports.

2. Editing internship:

GooglyMania’s Sports Editing Internship is designed to give sports enthusiasts the opportunity to get hands-on experience in professional editing. It provides budding journalists the chance to learn the intricacies and work that goes into publishing articles on the web, as well as the platform to implement their language and vocabulary skills to professional sports writing.

How does the Editing Program Work?

  • Each intern will be given instructions on the broad guidelines that govern the editing activities at GooglyMania.
  • The interns will then be given specific assignments which will involve editing and proofreading certain articles hand-picked by our in-house editors.
  • The interns’ progress will be constantly monitored and reviewed by the in-house editors, who will give regular feedback to the interns on their strengths and weaknesses.

What does GooglyMania’s Internship promise?

  • Opportunity to learn the nuances of quality sports writing from talented editors.
  • Vast readership and following, which form the life-blood of any writer.
  • A certificate in Sports Journalism from GooglyMania on completion of the internship.
  • Opportunities to be part of the paid writing and editorial team at GooglyMania.
  • Platform to connect with eminent sports journalists and seasoned writers, receive expert feedback and get your work talked about in the same breath as theirs.
  • Chance to be part of weekly debates on sports, with experts, in our exclusive Facebook groups.

Grab this opportunity and embark on a journey the like of which you’ve never experienced before !

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