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A Sprinting Prodigy

Indians were still hungover on the victory of Dutee Chand in the 100m race where no Indians have qualified before; just in the previous week. And now Hima Das is giving a reason for the Indians to be once again proud and overwhelmed about. 19-year old Hima Das, just after passing her 12th Grade Exam, left the world in awe of her sprinting abilities, with 3 back-to-back gold medals at international meets.

From having an aspiration of becoming a footballer as a child, to opting sprinting race to make her nation stand out; she sprinted gracefully in every race she participated in, and in the last 3 international meets she bagged 3 golds. On 2nd of July, this year, Hima Das participated in the 200m race at Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poland, pacing up against her competitors on foreign tracks to claim the first gold with a clocking time of 23.65 seconds. Next, she went on to participate at the Kutno Athletics Meet, where she bagged the second Gold in a week, on 7th of July, with a time of 23.97 seconds.

She did not hesitate even with her soring back to participate in the Kladno Athletics Meet at Czech Republic, for the 3rd time in 2 weeks, braced another terrific run to claim the 3rd gold with a clocking time of 23.43 seconds, in just 11 days. Wrapped around with the tricolor in an emotional victory lap, her passion for the game was clearly visible. And most importantly, her infecting urge to represent her nation and make the countrymen proud and win a berth at the Tokyo Olympics is what the country should be paying immense attention to.

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