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BCCI price to shift IPL outside India

It's high time that the BCCI decides on the venue of the 12th edition of the IPL. During the 2009 and 2014 general election, the venue was shifted to South Africa and UAE simultaneously. If the tournament has to be shifted completely then South Africa is a viable option and if it is to be shifted partially then you a is surely topping the list of BCCI. England is also on the cards but its improbable to shift there because of the high cost involved. The presence of large expat of population and cost effectiveness make CU way to come into the fray. How about UAE  has got only three grounds namely Dubai Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. There are infrastructural drawbacks in UAE. It cannot host the entire 60 match IPL. England has also been sounded out informally. The franchises have confided to the an official notice,sources said. There are also some challenges regarding the date as the World Cup 2019 will be kicking off on May 30th, Sada tournament may be shifted to the last week of April.

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