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Conflict Between Neighbours Affecting Game

Amid the tension, between the two powerful neighbouring nations, India and Pakistan, concerning the Jammu and Kashmir situation, the political and social connection between the two countries have degraded. With the downgraded relation, trade, communication and even sports have been affected. The Davis Cup tie between India and Pakistan have suspended for quite some time now. 

The tie was scheduled in Islamabad after 3weeks, but International Tennis Federation (ITF) postponed the match to almost two months, scheduling it in November. The ITF in London, decided to postpone the match for two months, until situations between the two nations improvises. India approached with a plea to compete in a neutral spot decided by the both the countries. 

An in-depth review of the situation in Pakistan by independent experts, urged to postpone the Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Group I tie, from 14-15 September to sometime in November. The venue would have changed if there was war, natural disaster or terrorism, which might restrict players to reach the match location; but the current situation is nothing concerning, compared to these grave situations for which, Davis Cup Committee might not change the venue. 

The other option remains, is to forfeit from the tie, which the Indian team has not even considered as an option. Forfeiting from this tie will lead India automatically relegated to the Asia/Oceania Group II. Which eventually mean India won’t reach the World Group Qualifiers before 2022. The next dates for the will be announced on September 9.

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