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Davis Cup Tie Shifts to November Date

Through several rifts, neighbours India and Pakistan have been cordially maintaining a bittersweet relation for over 70 years since their independence from the British Rule. The same scenario is duly reflected in sports as well, when these two nations locked horns on different field, on different occasions, raising the stakes to such level, that the relatable factor remains the intensity both the nation share equally on and off the field. 

However, sometimes the rift gets too much disagreeable leading to a clampdown to several socio-political relations. Following India’s definite decision to revoke Article 370 and 35a from the disputed land of Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan have been disappointed and offended. The slow growing tension between the neighbours, resulted in the Davis Cup tie being postponed.

Indian players were all scheduled to tour Pakistan on 14-15 September originally, for the tie they shared, but amidst the political-social tension Indian players showed concern over security. All India Tennis Association (AITA) demanded to International Tennis Federation (ITF), the game to be played in a neutral place, or to be postponed for 2 months. Now ITF have decided the match to be played in November, but the venue will remain Islamabad

Despite Pakistan promising a concrete security, which reportedly matched the ITF standards, but India still had greater concern about their players. Pakistan have been banned by ITF due to security concerns, for 2005 to 2017. The last draw the two nation had on a neutral spot which is Kuala Lumpur, was in 1973. The scenario is not only restricted to Tennis, but after the Sri Lankan cricketers faced a deadly attack while heading for a match in Pakistan in 2009 every other team retracted from playing in Pakistan

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