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Female Commentators of IPL

Have you ever imagined, what would happen if there were no commentary in Cricket? The game would look dull and you would only be able to hear the strike of the bat, ball hitting the stumps, bowlers appeal and the cheer of the crowd.  The commentary is something that gives life to this world famous sports.  When it is all about of T-20 game like IPL, then commentary is what that makes it interesting and insightful.  And if the commentary is in a female voice then it becomes more enthralling.  Let’s have a look at those glamour beauties who was once cricketers and now have joined the commentary panel in IPl.

1.Isha Guha -  Former cricketer who was a part of England National team who won the World cup in India, 2009. As an ex-cricketer, her analysis and opinion are admired by all.


2.Anjum Chopra – First Indian women to score an ODI hundred. She was the only India women team’s Captain who whitewashed England in their home ground 5-0. The Padma Shree and Arjuna awardee is one of the most reliable faces of Indian cricket.


3.Lisa Sthalekar – this Indian born in Australia, the all-rounder is one of the major cricketers the world has ever known. With her vast knowledge in the game, she is one of the most wise Female commentators of IPL.


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