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Gut Wrenching Loss for India, on Dream Night

India was on their dream-run to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar, and the team had some promising moments where it showed a certain consistency. However, when India started their journey on 5th September, against Oman, they did show some potential through the first half with Captain Chettri leading the side, but Oman came out to surprise in 2nd half to steal the game away from the dreamers.

103rd ranked India started off with a competitive dominance, often giving scare to Oman. Sunil Chettri leading the national side, and as one of the key players of the team, seized a chance in 24th minute, from inside the box to shoot the first goal into the net, and secure a prominent lead. India kept pushing the limits, and penetrate through Oman’s defense, and produced more opportunities to score but seemed content with the 1 goal lead.

However, Oman was steadily making improvements on the ground in the second half, and clearing out opportunities for their side. Finally, in 82nd minute Rabia Alawi Al Mandhar found the perfect chance to equalize the lead by flicking the ball past Gurpreet Singh Sidhu to score Oman’s first goal. India’s hope came crashing down, when Mandhar once again managed to score the second goal in the 89th minute, while India had little time to equalize the points. India will look to turn things around in their next game against the FIFA 2022 host Qatar on 10th September.

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