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India are favourites in the world cup, says Jason Gillespie

Former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie is very impressed with Indian bowling attack specially with the presence of Jaspreet Bumrah. The line of attack makes India World Cup favorites alongside England, feels Gillespie. Exide that Bumrah has been rested for obviously reasons but that does not make the Indian bowling any weaker. Pop up the Indian fast bowler's unorthodox style is what makes in different from others."I enjoy watching Bumrah bowl. He just ambles in but when he gets to the crease, he almost has a slingshot action. He bowls at a good pace, hurries up the batsman, and can also change his pace a lot. He is a very fine bowler."says Gillespie. The 43 year old former Australian pacer also feels that bumrah is strong enough to bowl long spells in Test cricket and can also maintain a uniform speed throughout the Test. India and Australia are currently tied on 1-1 in the ongoing series. Gillespie also highlighted that television opportunity for the Australian youngsters to prove their worth in the world cup squad. The Australian players are missing some key personnels in the batting and bowling department but the scenario will not be the same in the world cup.

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