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Messi On A Golden Shoe Record

Like other sports, Football has its separate legacy to carry, with legends ramming on records, and sports authority honoring the contributors with prestigious awards to mark their names in the history of Football itself. Among the few categories that internationally acknowledges the sheer skills of players on the field based on their seasonal performances, European Golden Shoe is one of the most popular and valuable one to players as well as the game’s supporters.

Since 1968, the European Golden Shoe have been awarded to many players based on the tally of their highest goals in the respective season. Many players even went on to win the Golden Shoe more than once in their lifetime, proving their consistency to the game. However, Lionel Messi had inked his name on the list of repeated winners, but now have surpassed with a definite lead with his contemporary competitor, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo with the 4 Golden shoes to his name.

This year, with a memorable show at La Liga with 36 goals alone, Messi ceased the European Golden Shoe for a record 6th time. This was his 3rd consecutive win as well, after missing it for 3 years on a row to Cristiano Ronaldo and teammate Louis Suarez twice each. The only close competition Messi had on the list for this year was Kylian Mbappe with 33 goals to his name for Paris Saint Germain in France’s Ligue 1.

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