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Minerva Punjab Defeats East Bengal

Minerva Punjab secured an important win against East Bengal to jump to the 2nd spot in the I-League. With this victory, the defending champions Minerva are back in the title hunt. Chennai City are still at the top of the table with 17 points from 7 matches while Minerva have 11 points from 7 games. The first half was an even affair, with no sides dominating each other and maintaining same possession. Two changes were brought in to the respective teams, East Bengal played Kasim Aidara and Yami Longwah, while Minerva made use of Bala Dahir and Akashdeep Singh. If the first half wasn’t exciting enough, the second half was full of energy and action. William Opoku’s all important decisive strike came in the 77th minute of the match, courtesy a perfect Moinuddin cross and thus earned Minerva their third victory of the season.

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