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Stand-out stats: FIFA World Cup 2018

Although, the World Cup 2018 officially closed its curtains on Sunday, it doesn’t seem like people will forget it any time soon.New stars have come to the limelight triggering transfer moves to different clubs around the globe. Let’s have a look at the standout stats of the 21st edition of the World Cup.

  • On the second day of the tournament, 1 July, two World Cup games- Spain vs. Russia and Croatia vs. Denmark went into penalty shootout. This was the second time in history that two matches played on the same day were decided by a penalty shootout, the first time being on 21 June, 1986.
  • This was the first World Cup in which all competing teams scored at least two goals, the last one to reach the mark being Panama.
  • World Cup 2018 saw the highest number of successful penalties- a whopping 22 goals.
  • This was the first time when nine goals were scored in the 90th minute or later (excluding extra time) and all these were match-winning goals.
  • The World Cup 2018 also saw just one goal less draw, in the France vs. Denmark match. The last time this happened in history was in the year 1954.
  • 43% of the tournament goals came either from corners or free kicks, highest since 1966.

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