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Struggling for a Goalless Draw

Japan’s FIFA Woman’s Team has been looking dangerous for last 2 World Cups in 2011 and 2015, in which both time Japan made it to the finals while winning the trophy in 2011 and falling short in front of the United States team in 2015. With consecutive record of success, Japan was really looking forward to their first win of the game in the tournament, but had to head back bare-handed as Argentina gave a tough fight to restrict both the teams to a goalless draw.

Early in the game, Japan was trying hard to score a goal with their repeated attacks on the Argentinian defence, but was finding it difficult to break through the threshold. Their frustration with the clock ticking to take the lead was clearly visible among the whole team, resulting into two yellow cards showed to Japan’s midfielder Hina Sugita and defender Risa Shimizu in the first half of the game only. Japan’s attacks were very lethal but it was subdued by the Argentinian centre-back pairing of Agustina Barroso and Aldana Cometti, standing like wall making it impossible for Japanese players to cross past them.

In the Second half, Japan’s desperation to take a lead provoked them to take several chances at goal. Yuika Sugasawa was the first Japanese player to be able to attempt for a goal, pushing Argentinian goalkeeper Vanina Correa to take drastic measure to save the goal. In the 56th minute, Hasegawa tries for another goal but the ball went wide. Japan had the possession of the ball for the good part of the game but found it hard to tear through oppositions defence plan. Japan was shooting at every chance they could take but Argentina was only focusing on saving the goal, and not letting Japan secure a lead, as the game ended in a goalless draw with Japan’s frustration getting a little higher.

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