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Women Sports suffers in India though enriches the country with Laurel

In a country of more than 135crore population, it is very unfortunate and degrading that sports specially women sports suffer as not many women are encouraged to take active part in sports. The reason may be that people do not shout for women sport or the advertisers do not book their ad slots during games of women. The reason might be that the government does not allocate too much funds in the budget for the sports sector. But the matter of fact is that there are plenty of women sportsperson who has brought laurels to India and have pursued their dreams. To name a few India has produced Dola Banerjee, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, and Sania Mirza who have done extremely well in their respective fields.

It is really melancholic to see that we cheer for Argentina, Brazil , Germany  etc. but we don’t keep a record of Olympic medallists or we don’t greet them with garlands in the airport, newspapers are not flooded with their interviews and very little endorsements. They excel in the Olympics , Asiad, Tennis, Cricket and other fields .There are several drawbacks like infrastructural facilities, Scientific techniques , Trainers etc. which can be improved once the right mentality is adaapted. Women sport surely needs to be encouraged as sport is an excellent platform to improve a country`s stand in the international arena.

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